Who We Are

We are the Undefeated Business & Real Estate Lawyers!

ThinkVise & Associates LLC is a Legal service Firm providing Professional Legal Solutions that drive results for Individuals, Businesses & Corporate Organizations in Nigeria.

ThinkVise & Associates LLC was established out of the need to provide customized African-oriented, suave solutions to individuals and organizations in the West African region and the globe, seeking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness from high-end legal and consulting solutions.

As an experienced and dedicated Business & Real Estate Lawyer of over 9 years in practice with a vast knowledge base in the “Best Practices” in the Business & Real Estate industry, I am eager to create a sound working relationship & partnership with our staff, clients, community & industry partners. Our goal here at ThinkVise & Associates is to help each client embrace the tools necessary towards transitioning into a near smooth business environment while simultaneously preparing for the 21st Century challenges ahead.

Henry Ogbujah (Founder)


Our utmost goal is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, millennials and real estate investors avoid costly risks and mistakes through excellent legal services.

We are a solid team of professionals with expertise on cross-border transactions, and with a rare ability of bringing real value to clients through the deployment of innovative and modern solutions.

Undoubtedly, we at ThinkVise are about building and sustaining. Building a great homegrown firm as well as contributing to the growth of Africa as a continent, building value by offering excellent & relevant legal and consulting solutions capable of driving and progressing the African agenda of renaissance and transformation.

Our Vision

To attain global relevance by providing compelling professional experience powered by Suave THINKing and expert adVISE.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality, well tailored homegrown legal business solutions that create holistic value for our clients.


We esteem and thus nurture a culture of excellence through intelligence and personal virtue to always deliver the best service in all circumstances. This value has been greatly cultivated through the undeniable passion and dedication of the team at ThinkVise.


We as an organization are committed to progressive and coherent solutions. We foster agility by embracing creativity, innovation, disciplined collaboration, and intense learning. We believe these practices allow our team to serve the clients in the most efficient manner by adapting to the social-economic tides to accomplish tasks.


Honesty and trust are at the very foundation of ThinkVise. At ThinkVise, we promise principled and sound business ethics in interaction with our clients. We believe in virtuous practice driven by the need to adhere to the rule of law at all times without compromising any of our principles.


Our services are always delivered with a touch of professionalism all around and it is also one of the things that have made us stand out over the years.


We always seek to add value to our clients’ businesses and ensure we leave them better than we met them, this has helped us attain a high retainer value among our clientele.


Timely client service being one of our watchwords makes us stand out as we deliver & provide support to our clients in an opportune manner. We respond to client’s requests on time as well as resolving clients issues in a timely fashion.

Why Should you Choose to Work with THINKVISE & ASSOCIATES?

ThinkVise & Associates LLC is one of the leading legal institutions in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, and is known for its high-end solutions either in legal or consultancy services.

Our success is based on unprecedented accumulated experience in dealing with legal issues, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation available to our clients to answer all inquiries and provide high equality services in order to meet client’s interests and build a strong and long-term relationship.

Heart-felt Reviews From Our Clients

Dear ThinkVise, it has been a great honor accomplishing this vital bold steps in my life and that of my company, Tobias Solutions Services Ltd through your honorable and professional services. Thank you.

Mr. Arnold Ogbemudia, Tobias Solutions Ltd.

They are so efficient, reliable and trustworthy. Their services are so affordable. I can recommend them to anybody that needs their service, be it property or any other thing that related to business. Thanks and really appreciate.

Mr. Hassan Adeniyi, Hassdeny Communications Ltd.

I, Mr Adebayo Tajudeen the Chief Executive officer of Amskhad Property Solution would like to express our satisfaction to Thinkvise & Associates on recent real estate service provided to our company, it was indeed an Excellent experience.

Mr. Tajudeen Adebayo, Amskhad Property Solutions

Ready to get Professional Solutions to your Business and Real Estate needs?

If you are looking for a homegrown, reliable, efficient, futuristic firm built with unparalleled understanding of the West African region, individuals and business perspective, then ThinkVise & Associates LLC is the place for you because we are progressive in thinking, innovative in action and excellent in service. We are eager to work with you. Let’s Get Started!

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